Anthony C Vis, BRE#01495133

Vice President of Operations IT Community Manager

Anthony Vis Joined Balboa Management in January 2016. He has been running Business Operations, Information Technology with IT Infrastructure, Procurement and Cost savings analysis for over 25 Years. Anthony started his career at the early age of 19 years old when opened his own business, an attorney service which filed court documents and served legal documents for his clients such as an Eviction Attorney and several small financial institutions that did small unsecured loans. In 1997, he sold that business and went to work for a State-Wide Document Imaging company that provided records to Attorneys in the Workers Compensation area of law and wanted to expand into the attorney service arena. Shortly after his arrival the company decided to take a different direction and Anthony was asked to expand his knowledge of computers and create digital solutions for the industry. Anthony went to work and headed a multi-million-dollar project to bring Digital Imaging (Scanning) and OCR or Optical Character Recognition into the Document Imaging Industry. He completed his project 60 days early and $400,000 under budget which not only promoted him to IT Manager for the company but he was instrumental to making Digital imaging (Scanning) what it is today for that industry. This leap provided the company to grow from $3,000,000 a year gross revenues in 1997 to over a staggering $15,000,000 in 2001. Anthony was also instrumental in saving over 23% in costs for the company.

In 2001 Anthony again had an opportunity to build another business. This Multi Business Conglomerate which developed into 5 separate companies with over 30 employees and a combined gross revenue of over $6 million dollars by 2006. They consisted of a Real Estate Appraisal Management Company, Real Estate Division, Mortgage Company, Construction Company and Legal Service. In 2005 Anthony acquired his Real Estate license and began practicing Real Estate, Providing Loans and Managing Properties. In 2008, he was recruited to provide support and growth to another Document imaging company and by early 2009 Anthony was instrumental in acquiring a Case Management Software utilized by Several Attorney clients that helped the attorneys run their practice and manage client cases. This perpetuated a rapid growth for the company which doubled its Revenue from $2 Million to over $4 Million in less than 2 years.

In 2011, due to an injury Anthony went back into IT and began servicing his long-standing IT Clients and helping with their business needs and cost analysis. Anthony was recruited in 2016 to come to Balboa to become Vice President of Operations even though his background was not strictly property management, he learned extremely fast. Anthony has a unique ability to not only learn but to develop and maintain relationships with people in all facets. The Board members and Vendors trust him and appreciate all the challenging work he puts in to bridge the gaps in communication and provide a smooth and comfortable experience in all facets of business.
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