“All Inclusive” Property Management

Balboa Management Group provides exceptional quality management plus all the services that other management companies provide. Communication and personal service are the hallmarks of our company and managing community associations is all that we do!

But we’re different from most community association management companies. We are one of the only companies with a truly all-inclusive monthly fee. Look closely at your financial statements and the monthly bill from your current management company. You’ll find a monthly “management fee,” but you may also find a long list of hidden or “extra” charges that can almost double the amount you pay to your management company. We charge one flat monthly fee. You may choose to add extra services on a monthly basis, but you are in control of any extra charges. We think you’ll be shocked at how much money you can save with our “all-inclusive” monthly fee.

NOTE: If you would like to submit a payment online follow this secure link: Secure Online Payment